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Registrary's Office


The Advisory Group on Administrative Training administers £25,000 per year to meet the training costs of academic-related (officer-level) staff within the Unified Administrative Service. The UAS is defined for this purpose as including the Registrary's Office, Academic Division, Finance Division, Health, Safety, and Regulated Facilities Division, Human Resources Division, Estate Management, Research Services, Careers Service, Accommodation Syndicate, and the Counselling Service.

Eligible activities

These include:

  • training events within the University
  • seminars organised by external organisations
  • residential conferences
  • contributions towards AUA conference subscriptions
  • contributions towards fees for certain courses
  • the purchase of training materials to be used within the UAS

The AGAT will not contribute to fees for MBA courses or reimburse travel expenses.

How to apply

Applications should be made in advance of the event and forms must be counter-signed by the applicant's Head of Section or Division. It is hoped that no eligible and properly authorised request will be refused, but this depends on the availability of funds. Applicants are advised to apply as early as possible in the academic year.

Please return completed forms to Alison Heyn, Secretary of the AGAT (, tel: 32294.

Other activities

The Group also provides induction events for new staff and organises seminars within the University for administrative staff within the UAS.